Month: March 2016

Nice outside (mid 70’s)

Man, I have missed going outside to read!!  I started & finished this (vol 2) in one afternoon!!


I should have told you a little about this awesome comic;

 It was a day like any other for Dara Brighton, a promising young college student, until three strangers knocked on her door, looking for a unique sword, and destroyed her life. The one good thing is Dara was wheelchair bound before finding The Sword & being near The Sword is healed…


The Sword vol 1!!

One day a few months ago I kept seeing The Sword comic in front of Acme Comics (my LCS) so I asked about it all the guys working there said they loved it & worth my time to read it so I trusted them & got vol 1…  WOW they were right, I love this book (had to read it twice to get the full impact)