Month: February 2017

Closer to answers!!


I’m slowly getting there, today was a day that I WANTED to read a Comic!!  I could not get anything else on my mind but read!!

So I looked through my ComiXology Comics and saw the newest book from Monsters Unleashed! came out!!

I love this series, I am a big fan of anything but Marvel Comics but this book pulled me in to loving Marvel again!!!


I Hear The Whispers!!!

It has been a few weeks, dealing with the flu!!  I’m still weak but getting there.  2 Days ago I really felt like my old self!!

I missed reading Comics!!  So last night I finished this;


I really could not wail to start reading about The Whispers and here we are!!!  I can not wait to read a lot more, just hope this weakness goes away!!!

Something new


I started a new comic Friday while I was waiting at Teeter, it turned out when I am not with Heather I can read a lot more (almost 3 comic books) LOL  Sorry Heather!!

In hindsight Monsters Unleashed should have been a book to read on Saturday caused thats how I felt, attacked for my thinking!! 

Besides that, I was surprised by how good this comic was and thank you Acme Comics for telling me about this offering from Marvel!! 

The story of Monsters coming to attack us for no reason or so we thought, it my just come down to a misunderstanding?

But we will know more when we read more…

Identity Crisis


For January’s Comic Book club, we had to read Identity Crisis by  Brad Meltzer!


I had this book in my collection for a few years but never got to it.  Normally I do not go out to the comic store in the winter due to the sidewalk is covered by snow or ice but last week it was warm so i wanted to join in the book club but I have not read it yet, so last Monday I started to read it hoping to finish it before Wednesday!!

Needless to say I did not finish it by the book club, I finished it today.

All over Comic Fandom, when this book is talked about you have people loving this book and others hating this book!  I fall on the 2nd side but I would not say I hated it but i will say I do not like it and it is not one of those Comics that is a must read!  My reasons are below;

  1. It is to wordy – It shows that Brad Meltzer is not a full-time Comic Book writer. Let your artist speak for you instead of telling every detail in words.
  2. I liked that you did need to read any of the other books to understand what is going on.
  3. I did not like all the back and forth in the timeline, to confusing!!

 It did open my eyes to other characters I never heard of and someday will read more!

The main reason I did not like this book was feeling I had to read this and I did not enjoy reading it!!

The next book is Old Man Logan by Marvel and I loved this book!!!!!