May the 4orce be with you on FCBD!!

Yes, I’m alive!!  It has been a while, lots of personal crap going on with my seasonal depression, I am back NOW!!!!!!!!

Great time to be back too…

With the Avengers movie out now, just going to say I teared up but is it happy tears or sad?? I am hopefully seeing again tomorrow. 

I went to a comic signing this week at Ssalefish Comics, they had Chris Giarrusso it was great talking to him and getting his new book!!!  Below is Chris hard at work on book 2!!!


While I was there I had to get a few shots of the store’s mascot. Lois!!

The big day is here Free Comic Book Day!!  The bus was late but I still was the first one in line Thank God!!!

Awesome day, no rain and saw a few people I have not seen in a while!!

One shot of Lois in her costume, before that, Thank You staff of Ssalefish for all you do!!!


Still Here!!


It has been awhile since I typed to you!

I have been reading but I have not felt anything to type it out!!

What I have been reading is;

  1.  The Walking Dead
  2. Gideon Falls
  3. The Magic Order
  4. Oblivion Song
  5. Lobo (just a little)
  6. Die!Die!Die! (just started) 

In the Fall I may feel like reporting on the comics I read like I used too

But just know my love of comics has not died… 

Shh – Whispers!!!


Sorry for the delay, last Friday afternoon sitting outside I read more of The Walking Dead!  Since it has been on & now Fear is on, I have been in the mood for The Walking Dead!!

I got to say I hate that the show and the books are so different with Carl dying on the show but not (or not yet) in the books, for someone that has a learning disability, it messes with the head!!  Besides that, I love both but that is why it took me a week to post about it…


Never trust The Joker!!


Today I read the latest in the White Knight Comic!  I know for some meds and therapy can help people but for a person like The Joker, there is no good in him at all!!

I like this different storyline but EVERYONE needs to stand for what they did wrong, not just blame a sickness!!!


Walking NO!! Something new!!


This one took 2 reads for me and I’m not sure if I fully understand this newest comic from Robert Kirkman!!

Don’t get me wrong I liked this new storyline but it was hard to understand at first for me!  I’m sure it will get better as I read more…