Month: November 2016

What a awesome night!!


Black Friday has a different meaning to different people.  Most of the time I do not dare go out in the madness!!  This year is different, I went out to the best Comic Book Shop in Greensboro, Acme Comics.  I’m glad I did I got to meet one of the men of the Luna Brothers, Jonathan!


One of my all time favorite comics is The Sword, Jonathan Luna was one of the writers.


I am not going to tell you the story of The Sword but I will say if you hold The Sword your “normal” and as a Christian’s point of view if we hold on to Christ we can do anything and we are free from our limitation, like the girl in the story she was able to walk normally when she was holding the sword and not in her wheelchair!

Below is a few pictures of what was signed by Jonathan Luna!!

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War – What is it good for!!


Sorry had to title it like that!!


I am all for our military, most of our family is!  We understand WAR is a necessary evil we have to live with.  In war we lose good people and or pets, sad but sometimes the pets in our lives will sacrifice their lives to save others.

In this volume in which I read in 2 days, it is full on war and we lose a lot but learn far more!!


Going to war!!!


This time it took me 2 days to read this and yes I can not wait to read more!  I love King Ezekiel and his large pet.  Love the way Shiva has a important role but not over powering like Negan’s ball bat does!!


Carl goes after Negan!


Man I love Negan!!

Again when Robert Kirkman introduce Negan, the readership was dropping and he wanted to show the readers that there was more to the story.  For me I came back to reading The Walking Dead  for this reason!  Yes it is a “little” different then the show (at this point I think the comic reads better then the storyline on the show) but by no way am stopping to watch the show!!

It was great reading how gutsy Carl is by going to kill Negan himself plus in do this we see a softer side of Negan but do not trust him either.  I read thing in less than a week and can not wait to start the next volume tomorrow!!



Election Day!!


Unlike others online I believe Voting is a private matter like my prayer life, a RIGHT of every TRUE AMERICAN!!  I was not going to add to the mess online but I saw this and had to share this!!

Plus we might have a self made billionaire in the Whitehouse!!!


I love Lucille!!!


In the beginning of my comic book journey, my first comic was The Walking Dead due to the show that we fell in love with!  Seeing how many volumes their were I felted overwhelmed, that I’ll never get through it so I stopped reading The Walking Dead since we are watching the show.  Little did I know that the comic was SO different!!

With Negan now on the show I wanted to read all I can on him so the last time I was in Acme Comics I asked from what point should I read from to read all about Negan?  The answer is from volume 17.


So I read it, wit a lot of changes but nothing I can not overcome!!  I read it in 2 days (much faster then volume 1, over 2 years ago!!!