Month: January 2017

At last we have a date!!!!


We all know about Capaldi’s departure, the BBC took time to confirm the release date of Doctor Who’s tenth season. The new slate of episodes are scheduled to premiere on April 15th at 9/8 p.m. CT on BBC America. The premiere will then be followed by the release of BBC’s new Doctor Whospin-off, Class.

For this Whovian, I can not wait!!!!!

We know more but is it the end?

On a rainy Saturday we went to Geeksboro (first time there since in Nov)

I started to read the latest Nailbiter book and on Monday I finished it!!


In this book we learn a lot about how the town began to have all the murderers come from but is it the end?

 There is a few holes in the story left uncovered!!

I hope it is not the end…

Well I finally did it!!


It seen like it took forever but it is done, The walking Dead book 21!!

Thanks to my kindle I read comics even faster, if not for a woman coming up to me after seeing that I am busy proceeds to preach to me about what I am reading plus also complain to me about her shoes, that they are hurting her!!  I may live in the South now, but I am not from here!  Unless I know you, I do not care to be preached to or to hear about your hurting feet!!!

With that said I can not wait to read the next!!


Even though Rick wimped out by not killing Negan, Carl your our hope now!!

He needs to die!!

Book 2 of Southern B…


A great sign that I loved a book is, after reading one I read the next in that afternoon!!!

That just happened, I read book 2 in one afternoon, WOW!!!

This one covers a lot of why the Father was the way he was!!! 

On to book 3 tomorrow!!


Southern B…


Yesterday, I started on this book!  I have seen it for awhile but never thought about reading it from the title alone!  But if I read The Preacher by using other words in my mind I knew I could try this.

Even though it is set in the deep South, it has the language of South.  I found it interesting because the father stayed in his small town but the son did not want anything to do with the small town and never went back after the war!!

Years later, the son returned because his father died and finds out that he was no different then his father!!!


More from the Steampunk world!!


Today I finished up book 2 of Clockwerx!!  Some may say the story is weak and the artwork is not the best but for me I loved it all!!  All I wanted was to read more and that is one of the reasons I read comics!  I love the draw the story has that I can not let go or put it down, in this case turn off my computer…  LOL


Something new Steampunk style!!


Today I started a new comic that I never heard of before  Clockwerx!  Offered as a free comic on Comixology, going into this thinking “how good can this free comic be”?  I was blown away!!  Right up my alley, with a good story and the artwork, I LOVED IT!!  Can not wait to read more soon!!!


More from Reborn

Yet another day of locked in because a few inches of snow in the South means


With how they act they think we all die in the winter up North!!!

At least I am using the time by reading a comic or 2!!

Today I read this;


The story is getting a lot better as I read along plus the artwork is amazing!  Still we do not know what is going on but I do want to find out more and more!!!