Month: October 2017



In the past few days I have read 3 Comics!!

Yes all 3 were Batman books and 2 are a part of the Metal series!  I can not say this more I LOVE THIS  SERIES!! I know no one is perfect not even Batman, this story goes down the path to show even “doing good” can turn bad later!!


The 3rd Comic is very different, at first look at the cover and reading the name I thought “oh great, another Comic writer going down the BS with everything wrong in America is the white race”!!

I got it anyway and I was wrong it is a different take of The Joker role and I loved it and want to read where this story goes!!!


Negan’s back story!!!


As you know I love watching/reading The Walking Dead!!  Everything about the show is great, it is a way to get my anger out (even though just watching/reading it). 

My favorite person is Negan a no nonsense guy with no grey area (LOL)!!

Up to now I wished there was a book just telling his story, now there is;


For me it was a must read!  I read it in one afternoon, yes Negan is a piece of work, a bit messed up but I found a soft spot in him too…

A few Batman book’s…


Last week I read the tie-ins to Metal and I was not disappointed in every book in this storyline helps fuel the love of Batman in my life!!

 Plus it took me awhile but I got through The Long Halloween, I loved this story that had a BIG roll in my favorite Batman movie of all time!!