Month: April 2017

All I can say is WOW!!! Be still my heart!!


Yesterday this Comic came out, I read it after I came home tonight!!


The title said it all WOW!!  This new storyline brings back the heart racing thrill ride I had reading The Court Of Owls (THE reason I fell in love with Batman) I can not wait to read more and learn more about Batman goes back in time with Barry (to far and to a different timeline) to see Bruce’s Dad as Batman… 

One of a few cats I like!!

Everyone knows me knows I am NOT a cat person.  There are some cats I like;  Grumpy Cat and my Brother’s GF Wendy’s cat, Sox!!

Since I have been reading Saga, I love the Lying Cat and thanks to Ssalefish Comics, Lying Cat is at home in my Comic Cave!!


The wait is over!!


After some time the book is out and does not disappoint!!  I love this storyline The Watchmen and Batman!!  Everyone knows I was not a Batman fan until I read the Court Of Owls and now I can say this Comic is #3 in my best of Comic list!!!




Sorry People!!

Last week (I forgot when) I read the newest Iron Fist.

It is on!!  Danny is in the middle of this big fight to get his chi energy back.  The more I read this story I love it more!!!


The Saga Continues!!


Thursday I tried to read this book, waiting for Heather but could not because of interruptions (sometimes I want to be left alone LOL)!!

This storyline gets better with each book!!!