Month: July 2017

A mix of different comics!!!

I have not been reading a lot because I been going though my comics to sell and give away.  I know it is taboo to even say this but my view is; in this age of collecting comics unlike years ago the comic book companies print so much comics that the rare comics are not a issue  anymore unless it is signed by a artist.  I have a few signed comics and I will never get rid of those!!

I am a Kindle owner so for me it is so much easier for me to read comics online or on my Kindle plus I love reading trades without  11 or more ads in them!!  Do not get me wrong the storylines I love I’ll get the graphic novel’s so my LCS is still getting my money LOL!!

It just took me a few years to get to this point!!

I did read 3 comics in the past 2 weeks;

Book 1 and 2 of the Z Nation comic is a lot like the SYFY show that I love!  I love anything having anything to do with Zombies and the undead, I’m sick aren’t I?  LOL!!

The other comic I read was the best of the 2 week’s reads, 


I love this new storyline and happy to see a even darker side of The Joker plus the evil mind of Batman, thinking he is doing good!!!




Before this great Nation’s birthday I caught up on these two Comics;

Number 4 was sort of boring but full of info, reading #4 I was getting bored to tears with this storyline but I powered through it to find out the mindset of Cap!!

Number 5 filled in the blanks for me and looking forward to see where it goes next!!!

Just don’t get HIM mad!!! 

Happy Independence Day America!!!

Money, EVIL??!!

Today I caught up on these 2 Comics!!

I can not get enough of this storyline, it reminds me a lot of old Chicago with the mob bosses.  Money in it self is not bad but when people takes their eyes off of the one we trust in that is what is evil!!!