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One more Comic Book store coming to Greensboro N. C.!!!!


Good news for Comic Book lovers!!

Here in Greensboro we have more than a few Comic Book Stores to pick from!  We have;


Comic Dimension  –  One comic book store that cares more about their friends than helping paying consumers!!

Parts Unknown   –  Sorry, they are so old school that they do not have a real website, besides that Parts Unknown has no easy way for wheelchair users to get into the store and does not care!!

Ssalefish   –   The newest Comic Book Store (OPENING SOON) to come to Greensboro N. C.

We have options for our need for Comics!!!

Bad news for Free Comic Book for us!!!


For the past 3 years, I have been able to join the line of people ONLY because I stayed the night at Geeksboro.  I can not stay some place that I can not go to the bathroom!!!

This year Geeksboro is not doing the all nighter so I can not get in to that area at all to be dropped off by the bus and no telling where I would be in line!!  A mile away and no sidewalks??  It was something I looked forward to!!!



Honoring, Remembering September 11th


First of all, I would like to say that even though this is a comic book related website and blog, I know this is not the normal platform for this kind of post. But, I needed to say something as my own tribute to that fateful day 15 years ago and how God used me to change a woman’s life in a good and bad way. 15 years ago I was going to class at a local junior college minding my own business and not even interested in reading any comic book related material.  My classes consisted of computer related courses like Microsoft and Linux, which are some of my passions.  For months leading up to this September day, I was an online counselor for an AOL chatroom. In doing this, I befriended a woman in New York asking for my help in trying to locate her long lost brother that went missing through an adoption mishap years ago. I wasn’t too savvy in that line of work. But, I knew where to get certain information online so we started private messaging each other and formed a close friendship in working with her on this project.  One day, I was very lucky and found out that he was also in New York and worked in one of the World Trade Center towers.   I shared the information with her and found out that she stares at that building right out of her bathroom every morning across the bay.  She was shocked that she was so close and yet so far away from her brother.  Through emailing back and forth between the three of us, they set up a meeting for the following weekend after 9/11.  15 years later, we know what happened on that date.  She never had the chance to finally meet her brother that she wanted to know for a lifetime.  God used this handicapped man in a wheelchair from Illinois to bring a little joy in this woman’s life but that morning she witnessed while getting ready for work, a plane crash right into the very tower and floor that her brother worked and was on.  We kept in touch until one day, six months later, I received a call from her mother telling me that she was involved in a car accident. A drunk driver hit her. And just like that, my friend was taken from me. I would never speak with her again. But, even through all that tragedy, I still realize that even though I would never speak to her again, she was now in Heaven with her brother and would finally get to meet him as she had always wanted. And one day, I will get to see her again.  

Just like that tragedy, God uses events to re-shape industries and worlds as we know it.  Many comic book writers and artists use their craft as a healing process going forward after that day of Sept 11th.  As tragic as it was, we should not forget but honor the ones we lost but move forward to a brighter and prosperous future.

A little about this Comic Book Man!!!


Hi, I just wanted to take this time to fill you in on something I shared on a message board on Facebook two years ago. I’m relatively new to the world of comics; two and a half years, to be precise. My love of comics came about from being frustrated by being new to North Carolina and having a very hard time finding friends.  Yes, I do have Heather in my life and that is a miracle by itself, but as she told me, I need to find friends of my own. Not just her. That was very hard for me to do. So, as a big fan of the Big Bang Theory and seeing a lot of similarities of the characters to my own personal struggles, I’ve seen them refer to comics a lot and wanted to explore that avenue for myself.


A little backstory about my learning disability: I can read books, but I cannot comprehend what I read five seconds ago.  So, I have to re-read the same page over and over again and I get bored very quickly.  For this reason, I gave up on reading “normal” books.  Being a Christian and being told by church leaders and youth group leaders reading the bible is a major part of your walk with Christ is very discouraging when you cannot understand what you are reading.  Especially when reading the bible is supposed to be about more than the words on the page, and more about your spiritual walk with Christ.  

This brings us to two years ago, when I just decided to explore what I’ve seen on Big Bang Theory by going to the comic book store.  What a world God has opened up for me! I love it! It all started with reading everything I can about Charles Xavier, a character in the X-men that is in a wheelchair and he is a leader of the X-men and his disability does not stop him. With reading about him, I realized I can read faster and understand everything I read and retain it to present day.  This has never happened to me before!  About a year ago, I mentioned in passing “I wish there was a Bible that was written in a comic book format.”  After that, I was researching on the internet and I came across a Bible called The Action Bible.  Even though it’s not a word for word translation of the Bible, it covers the major stories of all the books of the Bible in comic book form that I can understand finally and retain what I’m reading. This is awesome for me!! Some may think I go a little overboard with my new found love for comics, and maybe I do, but to me, I look down at the boxes of comics that I’ve read and remember every story that is in every one and it is a testimony of where I was to where I am now with the love of reading.



More Steam

I read only one comic today waiting on Heather to meet me for dinner, it was The Steam Man!! I could/ should has read more then one with how long we had to wait for Scat tonight!!

The more that I read this comic the more I love it!!