Month: June 2016

I would love more PLEASE??!!

Joining the band wagon late SUCKS!!!

I wish Lady Mechanika had more to the story I loved the ride!!!  This comic has it all with beautiful art work & awesome story telling, to bad I came in to it late…

I will be reading it again!!!


‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ news!!??


There’s been quite a bit of chatter and rumors floating the last year regarding ‘Ghost Rider’ and the possibilities that we could see him joining Marvel’s ever growing slate of television programming but we haven’t had anything solid as of yet. Well, it looks like there’s a chance that might  be changing very soon. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. tweeted out the following image revealing their artwork across one of the San Diego trolley cars featuring an image that should be very familiar to fans of the character.

 Get fired up! Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD knows how to get to you #SDCC in style.


There’s also a good chance that this could be related to the Inhuman ‘Hellfire’, who made his debut on the series last season and used his flamed up chain towards the end of the season. But interesting part about that is that character does have a connection to ‘Ghost Rider’ in the comics and is the grandson of Carter Slate, the first character to use the title. It’s hard to imagine that Marvel would be hyping up someone that was a bit of a minor character last season at San Diego Comic-Con.



2 NEW ones!!!

First of the two comics I read today was the new Rebirth of Batman.  I got to say is this new take was confusing but good so far & looking forward to read more!!


The first 2 comics I ever got was The Walking Dead book 1 & Locke & Key book 1 by Steven King’s son Joe Hill.  After the first Locke & Key I was hooked & had to read everything by him plus Heather is a big fan too!!

Joe Hill’s newest book is Tales From The Darkside, & this book does not disappoint I loved it, but it is not for young readers!!!!


I’m not buying it!!!

Today I read something light, “The New” Captain America!!  I’m not buying it, after all these years of him being a good guy & now he is on Hydra’s Team??  I’m waiting to see what comes of this…


Outcast 1 & 2…


For the past 3 days I read both of these, by Robert Kirkman.  Just like Joe Hill I love everything he does!!  Both are in painting a story in the readers mind that stays with you, can not wait till book 3!!!  If you like The Walking Dead & Fear, READ THESE BOOKS!!!



My intro to the world of Steampunk!!

Before I go into this, I would like to say now that I watched the show from the art mind set and not what the typical guy would think!

About two years ago, there was a show on SyFy Network all about body painting. One of the episodes covered this thing called Steampunk; I’ve never heard of this before. But, as I watched them explain it, I was in awe of the concept. Taking old technology and new and merging them into an art form.  Back then being new to comic books, I went to my LCS and I asked about comics dealing with Steampunk and they told me about Lady Mechanika. So, I read volume 1 two years ago, but I didn’t have this website back then.  So, I did not post about it at that point. But after reading it for the second time, I cannot tell you how much I love this story. The artwork blows me away! How detailed it is.  If you can find this book, I highly recommend it. If you are into old meeting new technology and beautiful artwork.


Book 4 is done!!

This one took me longer then the others but I got through it.  Finished it outside waiting on Heather!!  Again not for the kids but I love this story & Heather & I love the show!!! 




I just saw the movie & I’ve got to say it is just OK!!

The reason it is just “OK” is I am so sick of how comic book movies have to re-tell the origin synopsis for every character in every movie.  For true fans of Marvel and DC alike, STOP TREATING US LIKE WE ARE STUPID by thinking we don’t understand what we are watching.  I understand why you want to reach out to new audience members, but here’s an idea: contact every local comic book shop and tell them to put on sale the books that new people need to read to catch up before they see the movie. There are some good points of the movie. The action scenes, when they got to them, were good. Wolverine was awesome, but my question is, why was he captured? In the last movie they didn’t cover that. The big end sequence was awesome, but the build up was very slow. I know this part will be my personal taste, but for someone who has a learning disability and cannot read quickly, I’m so sick of subtitles in these Marvel movies.