I just saw the movie & I’ve got to say it is just OK!!

The reason it is just “OK” is I am so sick of how comic book movies have to re-tell the origin synopsis for every character in every movie.  For true fans of Marvel and DC alike, STOP TREATING US LIKE WE ARE STUPID by thinking we don’t understand what we are watching.  I understand why you want to reach out to new audience members, but here’s an idea: contact every local comic book shop and tell them to put on sale the books that new people need to read to catch up before they see the movie. There are some good points of the movie. The action scenes, when they got to them, were good. Wolverine was awesome, but my question is, why was he captured? In the last movie they didn’t cover that. The big end sequence was awesome, but the build up was very slow. I know this part will be my personal taste, but for someone who has a learning disability and cannot read quickly, I’m so sick of subtitles in these Marvel movies.

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