Month: May 2017

Cap is bad??!!


After all I have seen online regarding this storyline, I had to start reading for myself!!


Cap is working for Hydra?  The first comic says yes, but I am a big fan of Captain America so I’m betting it is a line to bring Hydra down from the inside or I hope!! 

The big Blue Doctor is in!!


A little late but I read the latest Flash/Batman crossover! due to a credit card problem!


I can not say enough about how much I love this storyline!

It is nice to see that we were not wrong in guessing who it was when they said “I saw God” I loved it!!!


Better late then never!!!


IMG_1464 Sorry this post is a few days late, I was trying to put this on YouTube but there is a lot I need to learn!!

As you know I could not stay at Geeksboro the night of May 5th, so I was nervous to where in line I would be.

 It so happened that when I got there the line ended right before Geeksboro just before 6am, so I was not further away than the last 2 years.  As it was dark still I waited till 7am to take this shot;


The next picture is of Ryan & I in line;


I had trouble getting good pictures in line so this are the 2 bags of comics.  I have not gone through them but I will throughout the year and I will review them as I go!!


Getting free Comics is great but I really love getting free sketches the most

(plus getting them framed, so Dad I have work for you LOL)

I love the Nailbiter comic and it was great meeting Mike Henderson below is Mike drawing the sketch and the finished work.

Plus I got a chance to get a sketch by Thomas Boatright below is that picture.


Both are getting framed at Shelflifeart!!

Below is other pictures from the day;

At last, the long day has ended,tired and ran over a few but we all had a blast!!!

It is not called CHRISTmas for Comic Book Nerds for nothing!!

Below is a video of the line walk!!

Thank You Hugh Carroll!!!

The Fight Goes On!!


On this May The 4th, I read this in one hour!!

As the comics leading up to this Danny needs to fight all 7 masters to get their Chi.  The Comic starts off mid-fight and confused me at the start but like all the others I read, I love this Comic and want to read more!!


Stuff of Legend…


Over the weekend I picked up The Stuff Of Legend books from a recommendation from a friend.  I’m glad I did, a bit childish but I loved the story and the artwork!!  One book in and I can not wait to read more!!  My goal was to read all of the books before I go to meet Brian Smith tomorrow afternoon at Ssalefish Comics!!

I read Volume 1 in a day!!

 I am determined to finish this story as soon as I can!!!