I’m still at it!!!


I’m still here, its been awhile I’m sorry for that!!

Every time after New Years in the winter months I get down mostly depressed cause of the cold limits me but more then that I get in moods!!

In this time I’m in a car mood, I miss going to the Chicago Auto Show in February!  The Chicago Auto Show was a big deal for me and it helped pull me through the cold months.  I have not given up on comics!!

It took me awhile but I got through this one, it is good but not my favs with a lot of nonsense writing, it seems like DC Comics thinks we as readers forget what we read a few pages before, I can not stand comics like this!!  I am so glad I am done with this book!!!


2 books this week!!!


This week I read 2 books.  Taking a break from Happy!!

There is only so much F bombs you can read!

I read two books, first one is;


It is the first time I read anything about The Signal, I liked it!!  A different kind of hero but he is what I picture a hero being in 2018, I want to see where The Signal ends up next..

I also read White Knight, in this one the 2 “Harley’s” wants their “Joker’s” out, drugs or no drugs!!


Doomsday draws near!!


I hope everyone had a great CHRISTmas??

This the last week of 2017, I ponder on all the great comics that I read and posted on here with my thoughts on each one.  Before I started reading comics I could not tell anyone what I read (from “normal books”) but in this journey in comics I can read and understand what I just read so this journey is a big one for me and I am loving it!  Thank you Ryan H, Acme Comics and Ssalefish Comics for helping this new passion grow!!

I wanted to share all that because this Metal and Doomsday story has lit a fire for comics like I had 3 years ago reading Court Of Owls!!!

Today I read this and all I can say is GIVE ME MORE!!!



Almost losing hope! Enter Sandman!!


Well The Comic Book Man is still here!!

I needed to take a break from reading…

Today I had to read this AWESOME book!


Bats, Sups & Wonder Woman are sent out to find Nth Metal in hopes to defeat Barbatos but finding said Metal has its own problems.  The more I read this storyline the more hungry I get to read more I love it!!! 

It is here!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!


The must read comic of the year is here and what a great read!!!

For a long time we needed a follow up to Watchmen, it is here people!!!


From the first page this comic was just like reading Watchmen but somehow better with the look and feel I was transported back to reading the Watchmen comic!!!

This new storyline has me hooked and I need more!!!!!


Barbatos for the WIN!!!


Call this Batman Metal Day for me, I read all of these today;

All of them are awesome reads but there is one that is MIND BLOWING!!!

I knew THE JOKER was a messed up guy but this takes Him to a greater level that a fan never saw before and after reading this I LOVE THE JOKER MORE!!!



WOW!! What a trip…


This one started a big strange for me!  Started off as a old Bruce reading a story to a little girl from a old case file of Batman’s.  That’s where we find out that this “Metal” has been in a lot of Batman’s past!!!


Flipping the script!!

Joker in Batman shirt

This very different storyline has everything that is wanting me to read more!!

Everyone knows I hate everything about clowns, they are EVIL!!

In the DC World, The Joker aka Jack Napier has a back story that draws this reader in and not letting go!!

I read this today and it did not disappoint.  When did you ever see The Joker wearing a Batman shirt?  Right there the cover alone had me!!


Is the Court System going to let Jack Napier go free??

Sad day but there is happy days ahead!!


Today was bitter sweet.  I went to one of my favorite places here in Greensboro.  But, in two weeks, because of SCAT’s rules, I will no longer be able to be dropped off at the location that I’ve been dropped off on Lawndale, the Walgreens on the corner.  No fault on GTA and even no fault on Walgreens. It’s something that I have to go through to be a good rider. When I make a trip with GTA, I have to make a trip to a physical address. It can’t be a shut down location and I prefer to be dropped off at this particular corner because it has the only accessible ramp that any wheelchair user can navigate.  In the next two weeks, this location will be closed and if I tell GTA that I want to go to this location, they’ll tell me I can’t because there’s no Walgreen’s there anymore.  So, being the conscientious rider that I am, I prefer to make it easy on the bus drivers to drop off at different locations around the city.  After today, I told them what’s going on and they understood and I will be back when the weather is nicer when I can wait outside for the bus instead of having to go inside to seek warm shelter. Even though Acme Comics is not closing they are in the middle of the shopping strip but no ramp to use, oh there is one at  Elizabeth Pizza but people park on it without a care for others that need to use the ramp!!


On a brighter note, Greensboro is one of the best cities for this reason: it has more than one comic book shop and the new one that opened up in the last year is closer to my apartment and for the time being, will work out perfectly for my needs.  I thank you, Ssalefish Comics for being there and being one of the best comic book shops in Greensboro.