In the past few days I have read 3 Comics!!

Yes all 3 were Batman books and 2 are a part of the Metal series!  I can not say this more I LOVE THIS  SERIES!! I know no one is perfect not even Batman, this story goes down the path to show even “doing good” can turn bad later!!


The 3rd Comic is very different, at first look at the cover and reading the name I thought “oh great, another Comic writer going down the BS with everything wrong in America is the white race”!!

I got it anyway and I was wrong it is a different take of The Joker role and I loved it and want to read where this story goes!!!


Negan’s back story!!!


As you know I love watching/reading The Walking Dead!!  Everything about the show is great, it is a way to get my anger out (even though just watching/reading it). 

My favorite person is Negan a no nonsense guy with no grey area (LOL)!!

Up to now I wished there was a book just telling his story, now there is;


For me it was a must read!  I read it in one afternoon, yes Negan is a piece of work, a bit messed up but I found a soft spot in him too…

A few Batman book’s…


Last week I read the tie-ins to Metal and I was not disappointed in every book in this storyline helps fuel the love of Batman in my life!!

 Plus it took me awhile but I got through The Long Halloween, I loved this story that had a BIG roll in my favorite Batman movie of all time!!

Two comic book shops..


What a day, we went to 2 Comic book shops here in Greensboro!  The first we went to Acme Comics had a ok time but I did get a big question answered about my Dark Tower books, thank you Peter!  I have to be real with you I feel Acme dropped the ball the year for Batman Day!  Batman Day is and could be a big day for every LCS but it seems to me that Acme treated today as every Saturday, not a BIG DAY FOR DC COMICS…

After we went to Ssalefish Comics, had more sales and we witnessed a big buy for a Wonder Woman comic, it was awesome to see that comic go to a good home!!  Yes it is Batman Day so what else did I get (for my birthday) a Negan Bat;


Yes Jay gave me a great deal on lucille!!!


Don’t get me wrong…


On Saturday Sept 23, 2017 is Batman Day!

I love Batman!!

This day has been on my Birthday month for a few years now (I just started reading comics a few years ago) Batman day was on my Birthday a few years ago.

This year there is a problem that is not sitting well with me!

 This year’s Batman Day posts and posters is this;


Do not get me wrong, I love women, I give them all the credit in the world!  For me women have the toughest job in the world and the moment men can have a baby on their own this will not change!

But why change Batman Day to Harley Quinn Day??

Why not give her a day like in the month she first appeared in comics?

Batman is a top seller for DC Comics and just think DC Comics would get more money!!

To me it is like what Marvel did to DeadPool, over hyped him to almost kill him off to the point that people don’t read his comics as much.  DC Comics is shoving Harley Quinn at us that I for one do not want anything to do with her!!

For me Batman day is just for Batman ONLY he is not sharing!!!

Love the artwork!!


As you know I am loving this Metal storyline so much that I am willing to say I’m happy for the New 52, just to get this story!!!

Along with the storyline the artwork that is coming out is MIND BLOWING!!

Here is 2 of my favs and a picture of my dark side…

Love this storyline!!!


I say this a lot but I LOVE this story!!!

Storylines like this is the reason I fell in love with Batman!  It is a very real thing, we do something good but over time it was a very bad thing!

Batman did something good a long time ago but now it is very bad and even though he thinks he can do it on his own he needs the help of others to get a handle of it!!


The answer is in the Metal!!!


Even though I could not get to my local Comic Book Shop last night for Metal Midnight Madness at Acme Comics or Ssalefish Comics due to the bus ends service at 11pm.  I got this book after 12pm on my Kindle!

Today I read it and WOW, I loved it!!


It goes deeper into the story of Batman’s secret project that goes even deeper then we thought!!  I can not wait to read more!!! 

Long time coming!!


It may seem I’ve not read a comic in a while, Yes I have not read one everyday like I used to.  I read these 2, 2 times!!

 I’ll say it again, I loved reading The Court of Owls, at first I thought these books was a continued storyline but in a way it was but this story was so far removed from the books that started my love affair of Batman that I had to fight my way through these books!!

I would love a book to finish The Owls story but this was not it!!