Don’t get me wrong…


On Saturday Sept 23, 2017 is Batman Day!

I love Batman!!

This day has been on my Birthday month for a few years now (I just started reading comics a few years ago) Batman day was on my Birthday a few years ago.

This year there is a problem that is not sitting well with me!

 This year’s Batman Day posts and posters is this;


Do not get me wrong, I love women, I give them all the credit in the world!  For me women have the toughest job in the world and the moment men can have a baby on their own this will not change!

But why change Batman Day to Harley Quinn Day??

Why not give her a day like in the month she first appeared in comics?

Batman is a top seller for DC Comics and just think DC Comics would get more money!!

To me it is like what Marvel did to DeadPool, over hyped him to almost kill him off to the point that people don’t read his comics as much.  DC Comics is shoving Harley Quinn at us that I for one do not want anything to do with her!!

For me Batman day is just for Batman ONLY he is not sharing!!!

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