Identity Crisis


For January’s Comic Book club, we had to read Identity Crisis by  Brad Meltzer!


I had this book in my collection for a few years but never got to it.  Normally I do not go out to the comic store in the winter due to the sidewalk is covered by snow or ice but last week it was warm so i wanted to join in the book club but I have not read it yet, so last Monday I started to read it hoping to finish it before Wednesday!!

Needless to say I did not finish it by the book club, I finished it today.

All over Comic Fandom, when this book is talked about you have people loving this book and others hating this book!  I fall on the 2nd side but I would not say I hated it but i will say I do not like it and it is not one of those Comics that is a must read!  My reasons are below;

  1. It is to wordy – It shows that Brad Meltzer is not a full-time Comic Book writer. Let your artist speak for you instead of telling every detail in words.
  2. I liked that you did need to read any of the other books to understand what is going on.
  3. I did not like all the back and forth in the timeline, to confusing!!

 It did open my eyes to other characters I never heard of and someday will read more!

The main reason I did not like this book was feeling I had to read this and I did not enjoy reading it!!

The next book is Old Man Logan by Marvel and I loved this book!!!!! 

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