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Love the artwork!!


As you know I am loving this Metal storyline so much that I am willing to say I’m happy for the New 52, just to get this story!!!

Along with the storyline the artwork that is coming out is MIND BLOWING!!

Here is 2 of my favs and a picture of my dark side…

Love this storyline!!!


I say this a lot but I LOVE this story!!!

Storylines like this is the reason I fell in love with Batman!  It is a very real thing, we do something good but over time it was a very bad thing!

Batman did something good a long time ago but now it is very bad and even though he thinks he can do it on his own he needs the help of others to get a handle of it!!


Long time coming!!


It may seem I’ve not read a comic in a while, Yes I have not read one everyday like I used to.  I read these 2, 2 times!!

 I’ll say it again, I loved reading The Court of Owls, at first I thought these books was a continued storyline but in a way it was but this story was so far removed from the books that started my love affair of Batman that I had to fight my way through these books!!

I would love a book to finish The Owls story but this was not it!!



Before this great Nation’s birthday I caught up on these two Comics;

Number 4 was sort of boring but full of info, reading #4 I was getting bored to tears with this storyline but I powered through it to find out the mindset of Cap!!

Number 5 filled in the blanks for me and looking forward to see where it goes next!!!

Just don’t get HIM mad!!! 

Happy Independence Day America!!!

Money, EVIL??!!

Today I caught up on these 2 Comics!!

I can not get enough of this storyline, it reminds me a lot of old Chicago with the mob bosses.  Money in it self is not bad but when people takes their eyes off of the one we trust in that is what is evil!!! 

A confusing book!!


I was happy to hear there is a follow up to The Court of Owls.

Until I started to read this book!!!


I am a big fan of the Owl’s storyline and want, no NEED a follow up story.  I do not care if it’s a oneshot book, Scott Snyder please give us a follow up book?  This book took me a few weeks to read due to my questions.  After I talked to friends about the timeline of this book it made more sense.

I loved it more after I knew more about the timeline of the story!!!!

WOW – Batman has a dark secret!!


Over the weekend I saw this comic on the shelf at Acme Comics, I asked about it since I never heard about it.  I’m glad I asked about it, so far I’ll add it to my top 5 Comics series in DC Comics.  I know it is a new series but it pulled me into the story  like The Court Of Owls did!!

This Comic, I read in 30 minutes and can not wait to read more!!!


There is HOPE!!!


Well tonight I read book 2 of Secret Empire, we have HOPE!!  Through a hacker we may have hope reaching out to Cap, MAYBE!!!


The only thing i do not like about this comic is the artwork, who did they get a kid??  Marvel, you can do better!!!