Fed-Up with The Preacher!!!


As a comic book fan, and a fan of the comic The Preacher, I was excited when I heard that AMC was doing a tv show based on the comic.  Several weeks in now, I am very disappointed.  Even though the comic is a very dark, gritty and non christian story line, it is also a very entertaining and gripping book to read.  This is not the case for the show.  I understand tv/movies always have liberties in changing some parts of the story, but when you change about 85% of the back story to fit what the concept of the tv show is, that is where I draw the line.  My wife and I have been watching from day one and gave it the benefit of the doubt up to this point.  They’ve drifted so far away from the original story, that it’s unrecognizable where they are going now.  So as of right now, we are not a fan and if AMC does see this, maybe they’ll pull the show back on course again back to what true fans wanted the show to be.   

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