The First!!


Last night was Inaugural Comic Book Club meeting at Acme Comics!!  I made a afternoon/evening of it so it was easier for the bus.  We read Kingdom Come  by Mark Waid and Alex Ross from DC Comics.  As a surprise to many in the room, Pete & Austin Skyped in Mark Waid!!  This was a remarkable addition to the night, to hear from one of the men that wrote this book and hear his incite was a awesome way the start off this Book Club!!!

On a personal side, as a fairly new person in to comics and not knowing a lot  of “Comic Book History” it was a great book to read plus get to know some of the other characters not well known like “Boston” (I loved him) or seeing top 3 Marvel heroes in this DC Comic Classic!!!  This book puts together two subjects that is almost unheard of today, Religion & Comics in a respectful way.

 Thank you Acme Comics for a night I’ll never forget!!!

Next Book Club we are going over NailBiter from Image Comics due to Halloween, I can not wait to dive in to this book!!!

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