Two very different read’s!!!



It seems that I take a lot of breaks reading certain comic books!!  The reason is I like to read my graphic novels when I out or waiting on Heather’s bus to come, because it is easier to hold on to in my lap.  Now I read trade comic books when I can use a table so I do not rip them since I only have one arm to hold on to my comics.

Today I read 2 comics, very different storylines.  All-Star Batman is a new look and storyline with Batman having to learn to work and trust a new partner plus work with (sort-of) Two-Face.


Also I began a new comic called Reborn, I did not know anything about this comic but for the 2 names that worked on it, Mark Miller and Greg Capullo!  Different is the keyword here.  The idea of when we die we join our loved ones that died before us on a grand mission!  I love it so far but sorry Acme I lost Reborn #1 so to read the second comic (reading that tomorrow) I read it online using Comixology!!


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