From Watchmen to Iron Fist!!!

Sorry, for not posting a lot, I been working my way through Watchmen, our next book for the Acme Comic Book Club!


I get the importance of Watchmen in the history of comics, but for this reader I had a hard time getting through this long story.  One of the reasons I did not like this book was the back and forth with the journal, for me a lot of it was not important to this reader and found that part boring!!  On the happy side, I am happy I read it and I may read it again after I read though the Before Watchmen books later this year (maybe)…


After a downer like Watchmen I read Iron Fist #1!  I liked it but we will see!!

Now the following is my own opinion about the Netflix Iron Fist show!!

I like it a lot!!  People will find fault in anything but this show it one look of the comic and if you do not like it TURN IT OFF!!  We have all the shows we ever want to watch so watch something else!!  For this reader and watching the show, I love both and before the show I never wanted to read Iron Fist and now he is in my top 5 Comics of all time!

Is reaching more people to read more the reason for Comics??

Lighten up people!!!

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