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One more Comic Book store coming to Greensboro N. C.!!!!


Good news for Comic Book lovers!!

Here in Greensboro we have more than a few Comic Book Stores to pick from!  We have;


Comic Dimension  –  One comic book store that cares more about their friends than helping paying consumers!!

Parts Unknown   –  Sorry, they are so old school that they do not have a real website, besides that Parts Unknown has no easy way for wheelchair users to get into the store and does not care!!

Ssalefish   –   The newest Comic Book Store (OPENING SOON) to come to Greensboro N. C.

We have options for our need for Comics!!!

Bad news for Free Comic Book for us!!!


For the past 3 years, I have been able to join the line of people ONLY because I stayed the night at Geeksboro.  I can not stay some place that I can not go to the bathroom!!!

This year Geeksboro is not doing the all nighter so I can not get in to that area at all to be dropped off by the bus and no telling where I would be in line!!  A mile away and no sidewalks??  It was something I looked forward to!!!



I Hear The Whispers!!!

It has been a few weeks, dealing with the flu!!  I’m still weak but getting there.  2 Days ago I really felt like my old self!!

I missed reading Comics!!  So last night I finished this;


I really could not wail to start reading about The Whispers and here we are!!!  I can not wait to read a lot more, just hope this weakness goes away!!!

We know more but is it the end?

On a rainy Saturday we went to Geeksboro (first time there since in Nov)

I started to read the latest Nailbiter book and on Monday I finished it!!


In this book we learn a lot about how the town began to have all the murderers come from but is it the end?

 There is a few holes in the story left uncovered!!

I hope it is not the end…

Well I finally did it!!


It seen like it took forever but it is done, The walking Dead book 21!!

Thanks to my kindle I read comics even faster, if not for a woman coming up to me after seeing that I am busy proceeds to preach to me about what I am reading plus also complain to me about her shoes, that they are hurting her!!  I may live in the South now, but I am not from here!  Unless I know you, I do not care to be preached to or to hear about your hurting feet!!!

With that said I can not wait to read the next!!


Even though Rick wimped out by not killing Negan, Carl your our hope now!!

He needs to die!!

Southern B…


Yesterday, I started on this book!  I have seen it for awhile but never thought about reading it from the title alone!  But if I read The Preacher by using other words in my mind I knew I could try this.

Even though it is set in the deep South, it has the language of South.  I found it interesting because the father stayed in his small town but the son did not want anything to do with the small town and never went back after the war!!

Years later, the son returned because his father died and finds out that he was no different then his father!!!


Good ol days!!

Today I read this good comic and all I can say is, I love it!!!  Reminds me of the crime days of old Chicago.  I just want to read more and find out who is behind these crimes and why the people working on Wall Street is killing themselfs!!!


Two comics but not Reborn yet…

On Wednesday’s we have a friend over to watch comic related shows on our DVR but tonight nothing new is on but this friend is still coming because Heather and her likes a show I do not like so it is a girls night for them.  So tonight is when I’ll read Reborn #2!!

I began a new comic today I had it for a month or so.  I was shocked to how good The Black Monday Murders is, WOW I can not put it down!!  It is not for the young readers!!

It is a who done it storyline mixed with the old and new ways of thinking.  The two comics I read so far gave me the feeling of reading something set in the 1930’s with the gangsters & the mob mixed with the new!!!

What a awesome night!!


Black Friday has a different meaning to different people.  Most of the time I do not dare go out in the madness!!  This year is different, I went out to the best Comic Book Shop in Greensboro, Acme Comics.  I’m glad I did I got to meet one of the men of the Luna Brothers, Jonathan!


One of my all time favorite comics is The Sword, Jonathan Luna was one of the writers.


I am not going to tell you the story of The Sword but I will say if you hold The Sword your “normal” and as a Christian’s point of view if we hold on to Christ we can do anything and we are free from our limitation, like the girl in the story she was able to walk normally when she was holding the sword and not in her wheelchair!

Below is a few pictures of what was signed by Jonathan Luna!!

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War – What is it good for!!


Sorry had to title it like that!!


I am all for our military, most of our family is!  We understand WAR is a necessary evil we have to live with.  In war we lose good people and or pets, sad but sometimes the pets in our lives will sacrifice their lives to save others.

In this volume in which I read in 2 days, it is full on war and we lose a lot but learn far more!!