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Two comics but not Reborn yet…

On Wednesday’s we have a friend over to watch comic related shows on our DVR but tonight nothing new is on but this friend is still coming because Heather and her likes a show I do not like so it is a girls night for them.  So tonight is when I’ll read Reborn #2!!

I began a new comic today I had it for a month or so.  I was shocked to how good The Black Monday Murders is, WOW I can not put it down!!  It is not for the young readers!!

It is a who done it storyline mixed with the old and new ways of thinking.  The two comics I read so far gave me the feeling of reading something set in the 1930’s with the gangsters & the mob mixed with the new!!!

What a awesome night!!


Black Friday has a different meaning to different people.  Most of the time I do not dare go out in the madness!!  This year is different, I went out to the best Comic Book Shop in Greensboro, Acme Comics.  I’m glad I did I got to meet one of the men of the Luna Brothers, Jonathan!


One of my all time favorite comics is The Sword, Jonathan Luna was one of the writers.


I am not going to tell you the story of The Sword but I will say if you hold The Sword your “normal” and as a Christian’s point of view if we hold on to Christ we can do anything and we are free from our limitation, like the girl in the story she was able to walk normally when she was holding the sword and not in her wheelchair!

Below is a few pictures of what was signed by Jonathan Luna!!

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War – What is it good for!!


Sorry had to title it like that!!


I am all for our military, most of our family is!  We understand WAR is a necessary evil we have to live with.  In war we lose good people and or pets, sad but sometimes the pets in our lives will sacrifice their lives to save others.

In this volume in which I read in 2 days, it is full on war and we lose a lot but learn far more!!


I love Lucille!!!


In the beginning of my comic book journey, my first comic was The Walking Dead due to the show that we fell in love with!  Seeing how many volumes their were I felted overwhelmed, that I’ll never get through it so I stopped reading The Walking Dead since we are watching the show.  Little did I know that the comic was SO different!!

With Negan now on the show I wanted to read all I can on him so the last time I was in Acme Comics I asked from what point should I read from to read all about Negan?  The answer is from volume 17.


So I read it, wit a lot of changes but nothing I can not overcome!!  I read it in 2 days (much faster then volume 1, over 2 years ago!!!

A night later but a rough night!!

(Posted by The Walking Dead Ultimate Fanatics)


After Sunday’s night’s long-awaited reveal of who Negan killed, how many other Walking Dead fans out there felt emotionally shredded and destroyed… and LOVED it?

They really went there. I mean they REALLY went there and did not pull any punches. That was easily the most intense, gut-wrenching, psychologically scarring, panic-inducing hour of television ever aired.

And I am SO glad that’s how it went down. They didn’t pussy out or water anything down like most shows do. A lot of fans are apparently very upset this morning. I get it. We all are. But we’re SUPPOSED to be. This ain’t a fairytale. It’s not a happy show. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s traumatic, it’s THE WALKING DEAD. I expected to be horribly traumatized by what I saw last night… and I was not disappointed. The showrunners delivered on their promise. And now I need some therapy….

Love the show!!!


Next Comic Book Club for 10-26-16

For the Oct comic book club we had to read this awesome book (only vol 1)


I have seen this at Acme a few times but never thought to get it but the last time I was there and was told this is the next book we are doing for the book club!!

I am so glad I got it, its so good that I could not put it down!!  It is about a town that had more then a few serial killers born in this town!!  The question through out this book is why does this small town have so much evil in it??  I can not wait to read more!!!