A night later but a rough night!!

(Posted by The Walking Dead Ultimate Fanatics)


After Sunday’s night’s long-awaited reveal of who Negan killed, how many other Walking Dead fans out there felt emotionally shredded and destroyed… and LOVED it?

They really went there. I mean they REALLY went there and did not pull any punches. That was easily the most intense, gut-wrenching, psychologically scarring, panic-inducing hour of television ever aired.

And I am SO glad that’s how it went down. They didn’t pussy out or water anything down like most shows do. A lot of fans are apparently very upset this morning. I get it. We all are. But we’re SUPPOSED to be. This ain’t a fairytale. It’s not a happy show. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s traumatic, it’s THE WALKING DEAD. I expected to be horribly traumatized by what I saw last night… and I was not disappointed. The showrunners delivered on their promise. And now I need some therapy….

Love the show!!!


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