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Identity Crisis


For January’s Comic Book club, we had to read Identity Crisis by  Brad Meltzer!


I had this book in my collection for a few years but never got to it.  Normally I do not go out to the comic store in the winter due to the sidewalk is covered by snow or ice but last week it was warm so i wanted to join in the book club but I have not read it yet, so last Monday I started to read it hoping to finish it before Wednesday!!

Needless to say I did not finish it by the book club, I finished it today.

All over Comic Fandom, when this book is talked about you have people loving this book and others hating this book!  I fall on the 2nd side but I would not say I hated it but i will say I do not like it and it is not one of those Comics that is a must read!  My reasons are below;

  1. It is to wordy – It shows that Brad Meltzer is not a full-time Comic Book writer. Let your artist speak for you instead of telling every detail in words.
  2. I liked that you did need to read any of the other books to understand what is going on.
  3. I did not like all the back and forth in the timeline, to confusing!!

 It did open my eyes to other characters I never heard of and someday will read more!

The main reason I did not like this book was feeling I had to read this and I did not enjoy reading it!!

The next book is Old Man Logan by Marvel and I loved this book!!!!! 

At last we have a date!!!!


We all know about Capaldi’s departure, the BBC took time to confirm the release date of Doctor Who’s tenth season. The new slate of episodes are scheduled to premiere on April 15th at 9/8 p.m. CT on BBC America. The premiere will then be followed by the release of BBC’s new Doctor Whospin-off, Class.

For this Whovian, I can not wait!!!!!

Was a busy morning!!

(The reason this post is a few days late is I did not want to take away from Sept 11th)

Saturday I had a busy morning with catching up with this awesome comic.  Where after working alone in Gotham for years now has to team up with 2 new “heroes” with powers that is not just being rich.  I can not wait to read more of this story!!!


Along with Batman I read 2 from one of my favorites Moon Knight.  This story reminds me so much of Mr. Robot (on the USA Network) with is it happening live or in his mind?

Honoring, Remembering September 11th


First of all, I would like to say that even though this is a comic book related website and blog, I know this is not the normal platform for this kind of post. But, I needed to say something as my own tribute to that fateful day 15 years ago and how God used me to change a woman’s life in a good and bad way. 15 years ago I was going to class at a local junior college minding my own business and not even interested in reading any comic book related material.  My classes consisted of computer related courses like Microsoft and Linux, which are some of my passions.  For months leading up to this September day, I was an online counselor for an AOL chatroom. In doing this, I befriended a woman in New York asking for my help in trying to locate her long lost brother that went missing through an adoption mishap years ago. I wasn’t too savvy in that line of work. But, I knew where to get certain information online so we started private messaging each other and formed a close friendship in working with her on this project.  One day, I was very lucky and found out that he was also in New York and worked in one of the World Trade Center towers.   I shared the information with her and found out that she stares at that building right out of her bathroom every morning across the bay.  She was shocked that she was so close and yet so far away from her brother.  Through emailing back and forth between the three of us, they set up a meeting for the following weekend after 9/11.  15 years later, we know what happened on that date.  She never had the chance to finally meet her brother that she wanted to know for a lifetime.  God used this handicapped man in a wheelchair from Illinois to bring a little joy in this woman’s life but that morning she witnessed while getting ready for work, a plane crash right into the very tower and floor that her brother worked and was on.  We kept in touch until one day, six months later, I received a call from her mother telling me that she was involved in a car accident. A drunk driver hit her. And just like that, my friend was taken from me. I would never speak with her again. But, even through all that tragedy, I still realize that even though I would never speak to her again, she was now in Heaven with her brother and would finally get to meet him as she had always wanted. And one day, I will get to see her again.  

Just like that tragedy, God uses events to re-shape industries and worlds as we know it.  Many comic book writers and artists use their craft as a healing process going forward after that day of Sept 11th.  As tragic as it was, we should not forget but honor the ones we lost but move forward to a brighter and prosperous future.

‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ news!!??


There’s been quite a bit of chatter and rumors floating the last year regarding ‘Ghost Rider’ and the possibilities that we could see him joining Marvel’s ever growing slate of television programming but we haven’t had anything solid as of yet. Well, it looks like there’s a chance that might  be changing very soon. Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. tweeted out the following image revealing their artwork across one of the San Diego trolley cars featuring an image that should be very familiar to fans of the character.

 Get fired up! Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD knows how to get to you #SDCC in style.


There’s also a good chance that this could be related to the Inhuman ‘Hellfire’, who made his debut on the series last season and used his flamed up chain towards the end of the season. But interesting part about that is that character does have a connection to ‘Ghost Rider’ in the comics and is the grandson of Carter Slate, the first character to use the title. It’s hard to imagine that Marvel would be hyping up someone that was a bit of a minor character last season at San Diego Comic-Con.



I’m not buying it!!!

Today I read something light, “The New” Captain America!!  I’m not buying it, after all these years of him being a good guy & now he is on Hydra’s Team??  I’m waiting to see what comes of this…




I just saw the movie & I’ve got to say it is just OK!!

The reason it is just “OK” is I am so sick of how comic book movies have to re-tell the origin synopsis for every character in every movie.  For true fans of Marvel and DC alike, STOP TREATING US LIKE WE ARE STUPID by thinking we don’t understand what we are watching.  I understand why you want to reach out to new audience members, but here’s an idea: contact every local comic book shop and tell them to put on sale the books that new people need to read to catch up before they see the movie. There are some good points of the movie. The action scenes, when they got to them, were good. Wolverine was awesome, but my question is, why was he captured? In the last movie they didn’t cover that. The big end sequence was awesome, but the build up was very slow. I know this part will be my personal taste, but for someone who has a learning disability and cannot read quickly, I’m so sick of subtitles in these Marvel movies.